About Our Rabbi

Rabbi Bovit 2016 pic

Since the summer of 2009 Rabbi Menashe Bovit, an advocate of what he calls “Joyous Judaism,” has served as the spiritual leader of Bellerose Jewish Center. The son of a holocaust survivor Rabbi Bovit has been involved in organized Jewish life since his college days when he was a campus leader at Hillel and founded the “Alternative Shabbat Happening”. Following many years of traditional study and practical communal experience, twenty three years ago Rabbi Bovit was personally ordained by the late, renowned and beloved Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, one of the greatest Jewish figures of our era. He is also a graduate of the prestigious Ohr Lagolah Institute of Jerusalem, Israel.

Rabbi Bovit has a broad range of interests and brings a vast knowledge of traditional Jewish texts, history, anthropology and archeology along with a lively sense of humor to his unique style of teaching Torah. Having also been a commercial artist, folk singer, family mediator and pastoral counselor, Rabbi Bovit brings these diverse skills into his practice of the rabbinate. Most importantly Rabbi Bovit has been working with a wonderful congregational family at BJC to build a synagogue culture that is warm, welcoming, tolerant, accepting and loving. Rabbi Bovit is active in inter-faith events, has built bridges of friendship with the Islamic community and is sensitive to the unique needs of inter-faith families and the LGBT community.

Rabbi Bovit invites all to join in and experience “Joyous Judaism”.