About Our Cantor

Cantor David Krasner has been a professional Cantor and performer since his teenaged years.  He was profiled in the Jewish Week in 2007 as “The Doogie Howser Chazzan” when he was just 16. In that same year, Cantor Krasner was written up in The Jewish Star, and the Jewish Press
Cantor Krasner is well known for his lyrical tenor voice and vibrant timbre as well as his energetic and emotional representation of the prayer texts.  Cantor Krasner has read weekly Torah portions since the age of 13. Cantor Krasner regularly chants Torah and Haftorah readings with keen attention to the cantillation.
 Cantor Krasner brings the gift of participation to our synagogue, combining congregational singing with classical cantorial recitative for an uplifting spiritual and metaphysical experience.
Cantor Krasner is a graduate of Yeshiva Darchei Torah and studied Torah/Judaic Studies at Beis Medrash Heichal Dovid for two years after high school.
Cantor Krasner holds a Bachelor’s of Science in human nutrition (with honors), and is currently pursuing his Master’s of Business Administration. Cantor David Krasner is ordained  by the Jewish Ministers Cantors Association of America.