Hebrew  School/Bar-Bat Mitzvah Program

The Bellerose Jewish Center is right now not only involved in a positive and continued reinvigoration of our Hebrew School, we are also focused on redefining the Jewish Religious School experience into an exciting and fun process that will fill our students with a lifetime appreciation of and love for Judaism.

Our Spiritual Leader, Rabbi Menashe Bovit, serves as the principal of the school. His wife, Rivka, is the director of Hebrew language studies and primary education.

There is a rabbinic saying “shevim panin l’Torah” – “The Torah has seventy faces.” Judaism while a communally shared tradition must also be interacted with on a personalized level. Therefore, we follow the “Mechina Yechidi” or “Personalized Preparation” method of education. Students are not simply categorized by grade (Aleph–Hey) but are worked with individually according to their own personal development and level, sensitive to their unique talents and personality requirements.

Our school year starts September, 2015, but enrollment is open and your child can join at any time during the school year.

Have a child 6-13 years of age, click here for information on our accelerated Bar/Bat Mitzvah program as well as the General Hebrew School.

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