Adult Education

“Makom Simcha – A Place of Joy” Adult Education Programs

Learn to Read Hebrew for Everyone: It’s not true that you can’t read Hebrew. You just haven’t learned how to yet. This class is user friendly, and you will find yourself reading from the siddur (prayer book) before you know it! No prerequisites. With Rivka Bovit, Thursday evenings 7:30 PM to 9 PM, Date to be Determined. Please call for more information.

Journeys in Judaism IV: Sefer Shoftim – the Book of Judges. Many people have only the barest inkling of knowledge of anything in the Jewish Bible beyond the Chumash or Five Books of Moses. Come explore the Book of Judges accessing information from the latest cutting-edge archaeological discoveries and then understand the text from psychological, mystical, historical, and traditional perspectives. Discover the origins of the Jewish people and Jewish religion. A miniconcert of Jewish folk music precedes the class. With Rabbi Menashe Bovit, Tuesday evenings, Date to be Determined. Please call for more information.

Workshop: “Stepping Up To The Bima” You would love to accept an aliyah to the Torah on Shabbat but you are afraid of being embarrassed by not knowing what to do. Come learn the blessings, customs, and choreography of the Torah Service and the meanings behind what is done. With Rabbi Menashe Bovit

Conversion to Judaism: Classes begin: Call for Information.

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Classes are free to members of the Bellerose Jewish Center; fees for nonmembers may apply. Please speak to the BJC office, if you are interested in registering for any classes.


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