Upcoming Programs with Rabbi Bovit                                 this year at BJC                  


Turn on the Torah Time Machine

A series of classes that take traditional Jewish texts both biblical and post-Biblical and give insight and understanding in how they developed in the particular time that they were composed, edited and canonized. This class accesses the latest developments in archeological, historical and scientific research.

Understanding Kabbalistic and Chasidic Thought

There is often much talk in the media about “Kabbalah”. Most classes on the subject however only teach these mystical concepts from secondary sources. This class will give direct insight into the original texts. We will learn how various mystical concepts developed, evolved and have been and are used to inspire and explain both events that shape our world and our own mundane concerns in life.

Introduction to Jewish Meditation

Yes, there is something called Jewish meditation. Come experience it and its benefits.


BJC Film Series

Various films that feature important Jewish themes will be shown and a lively discussion led by the rabbi will follow.

Music and Comedy Night!

Join in with your musical talent and favorite jokes. A tasty catered meal will be served. Details will follow.


Purim!! Join in the fun at our yearly Purim Seuda (Feast).  Costumes, live music, frivolity, adult beverages, good food and much more.  Don’t miss it.

Pesach!! Join us for the BJC Community Seder. This is an entertaining and informative Seder. Costumes, puppets, music, insightful commentary and improvisational drama are featured along with a delicious Passover dinner.


Annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Gathering

Rabbi Bovit joins together with other religious leaders for an event that features both inspiring words and music from the Jewish, Catholic and Lutheran communities.

Peace Feast

Religious leaders and lay people from a number of religions will join Rabbi Bovit and lay representatives from BJC in creating a new Thanksgiving tradition. During the vegetarian potluck feast music and wisdom will also be shared.
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